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Mold is a type of fungus, present both indoors and outdoors. In Nature, they have a purpose to serve. However, within your home, mold growth can severely hamper air quality, cause property damage and lead to health hazards. When given the perfect environment, mold spores can grow and multiply uncontrollably within 48 -72 hours and continue to proliferate, eventually making the property uninhabitable. Immediate remediation and mold removal is mandatory to curb the spread of mold and to sanitize the property again. And that’s where Coral Springs Restoration Expert - a leading mold remediation expert in Coral Springs, FL area can help you.

What causes it?

Flooding, sewer backups, plumbing failures or roof leaks can provide the moisture mold needs to thrive. Since it doesn’t need any sunlight to survive, it mostly persists in poorly ventilated areas such as damp basements, ceiling cavities, bathrooms, kitchens, among other spaces. While mold is ever persistent in the environment, it’s when they reach high levels of saturation that they pose a problem. Ineffective drying and leaving leaks unchecked are sure-shot ways to invite mold into your home. Don’t want that? Then invite Coral Springs Restoration Expert into your property by dialing 954-355-0054 and bid adieu to your mold problems at once.

How it silently destroys your property?

Mold is known to cause serious structural damage to property, because it thrives on and feeds on organic matter to survive. When a mold infestation takes over, it affects walls, insulation, carpeting or paper backing, all of which is rendered useless and has to be removed. In addition, it can affect other personal property, proving difficult to clean and eliminate the spores, making disposal the only option.  Mold may also enter heating/ventilation systems, wherein several sections are inaccessible for visible inspection. If left undetected for a long time and the system isn’t cleaned up at the right time, the entire system may have to be replaced, thus incurring great expenses.

Health risks it poses:

  • Respiratory problems and allergic reactions
  • Neurological problems due to release of mycotoxins
  • Rashes, itchy eyes and skin irritation
  • Difficulty breathing and persistent cough
  • Chronic tiredness and fatigue
  • Sinus problems, frequent sneezing, nasal blockage
  • Headaches and migraines

Our mold removal and remediation process:

Early detection and proper remediation can curb mold to a point of non-existence, keeping your property safe and its occupants healthy. Improper mold remediation can expedite harmful growth, and instead of removing it from your property, it could lead to further cross contamination and cause more damage.

Thankfully, our professional technicians are highly trained to identify, remove and eliminate mold from your home in the right manner. First, the contaminated areas are cordoned off to prevent its spread, the heavily affected materials are removed, and the area is cleaned with specialized chemicals. To prevent mold from recurring, moisture controls are put in place and any hidden leaks, or damp spots are uncovered and remedied. In some cases, mold might be present, yet not apparent. But we know how to detect, test, remove and completely sanitize the affected areas.

If you notice or suspect mold growth, avail our professional mold remediation services in Coral Springs, FL area by dialing 954-355-0054!