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Nestled between the urban jungle of Miami and the polished paradise that is Palm Beach, Broward mixes sophisticated beauty with simplicity and is a hot spot amongst tourists. It has everything you ever wished to explore: nature parks, museums, amusement parks, gardens, adventure sports, you name it, the county’s got it. Its story reflects what it has become today, when in the 1900s Napoleon Bonaparte Broward first set his eyes on the barren land and saw a whole host of vibrant possibilities. Despite the hurricanes, frequent flooding, year-round humidity, there’s still so much to love about the county’s sun-kissed beaches and vibrant community that you just can’t get enough of.

A timeline of destruction:

Since the wheels of progress starting rolling in Broward County, there has been no looking back. New roads, resorts, industries, schools, entertainment centers cropped up and the population multiplied rapidly. However, the County has met its share of pitfalls along the way. For instance, the hurricane dating back to 1926 or that of 1947 is a cruel reminder of how something that’s beautifully built can fall apart when faced with a natural calamity. True, the climatic conditions are erratic, but the region has almost always bounced back from disasters and retained its glory all these years – and it’s all thanks to restoration companies like Coral Springs Restoration Expert that work day and night to set things back in order.

A case in point:

On April 4 2017, the County awoke to a rude shock – a wildfire had started, and although a common occurrence, no one expected it to grow the way it did. Within days, the fire had engulfed over 5000 acres of land, slowly creeping up and threatening to spread across Everglades Holiday Park and Mack’s Fish Camp, but it didn’t.  Since the fire blazed in an uninhabited land, there wasn’t any direct damage to properties, however, meteorologists issued a dense smoke advisory and it was clear that the smoke was about to inflict damage – and it did! It penetrated homes and buildings nearby, leaving toxic odor and soot behind.

Once the fire abated, its destruction was still evident. That’s when Coral Springs Restoration Expert sprang into action! We know that the greater the time taken to remediate the damage, the greater the losses. Metals can start corroding, walls and floors may stain permanently and smoke can even touch unaffected areas. We fixed it all, removing traces of soot, eliminating odors and making our clients’ properties livable again.

Our service range:

Besides addressing fire damage and the likes, we’re called upon for everyday matters as well, ranging from fixing water leaks to removing mold. Our comprehensive service bouquet is the reason why we’ve become Broward County’s choice when it comes to finding a damage restoration company that can be trusted. With our phone lines 954-355-0054 open 24/7, remember, when disaster strikes, we’ll always be here to heed your distress call and find a solution.

We can be found in the following areas:

Coral Springs, FL, Coconut Creek, FL, Dania, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Hallandale Beach, FL, Hollywood, FL, Margate, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Plantation, FL, Pompano Beach, FL

You can call us:

  • When you’re reeling under a floodCoral Springs Restoration Expert Coral Springs, FL 954-355-0054
  • When you face fire damage
  • To detect and fix water leaks
  • For mold remediation
  • For reconstructing your property
  • To give your home a makeover
  • For general clean up and decontamination

So, what are you waiting for? Dial 954-355-0054 to avail all this and more.