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After a storm, a burst pipe or groundwater intrusion, flooding is a very real possibility. No property is immune to it! From the mightiest of skyscrapers to the modest of homes, when Nature decides to unleash its wrath, it does so ruthlessly, with no regard for life or property. When a flood hits your property, trust the leading flood damage restoration company in Coral Springs, FL area to be by your side, helping you recover from the devastation with minimum losses and reset your property to its original pre-damage state.

Why do you need expert help?

If your property is reeling under flood damage, attempting to drain out the water by yourself or waiting for it to dry out on its own is no-go. With time, water damage may only worsen, compromising on your property’s structural integrity, hosting bacteria, lead to unwarranted mold growth, destroy your furnishings, warp wood, discolor walls and more. Simply air-drying it is not going to the trick, since there’s no guarantee of the ‘touch test’ in assuring complete drying. Moisture may still be present and water damage may still continue to propagate, multiplying the amount of losses incurred.

Why go through all the hassle, when you can hire a professional to remediate the damage done and restore life back to normalcy? Choose Coral Springs Restoration Expert! A call on 954-355-0054 is all it takes for us to come rushing to your side, and fix the flood damage done.

Types of flooding we address:

Clean water:

This refers to water that is released from a clean source and poses no hazard. While this might progressively get contaminated the longer it stays put in your property, immediate intervention following a flood through effective drying can get rid of the issue.

Grey water:

It refers to flooding from a source that contains a certain degree of physical, biological or chemical contaminants. Sources may involve overflowing toilet bowls, water discharge from sinks, ground surface water, among others. In addition to drying, the property must be decontaminated, cleaned and sanitized.

Black water:

The worst type of flooding you can encounter is from an extremely unsanitary source such as raw sewage. Usually caused by sewage backup or due to rising water from rivers or streams, it’s contaminated with harmful bacteria that can spread deadly diseases. Discretion is advised, and in most cases, the property has to be evacuated while it is thoroughly eliminated from all traces of microbes and contamination.

Timely assessment, professional assistance

When you call Coral Springs Restoration Expert reporting flood damage, expect us to reach your side in less than 30 minutes, anywhere in Coral Springs, FL area to prevent any collateral damage. We’ll immediately get to work to remove water from your premises, use advanced equipment including air blowers, dehumidifiers and heat vacuums for complete drying and completely disinfect the property. We then determine the scope of the loss, assess the extent of damage, determine the items that may/may not be restored and give you and your insurance company an upfront estimate of the same. From damage mitigation to restoration, trust us to work alongside you, and restore everything back to the way it was.

Has a flood disrupted to your peace of mind? Remediate the damage done before it blows up in scale! Call us on 954-355-0054!