Coral Springs


A brief glance into history:

Coral Springs is a well-coordinated city in the heart of Broward County. When Fort Lauderdale became exhausted for development back in 1963, James S. Hunt focused his attention on an infertile wilderness that was to become the Coral Springs of today. Its tree-lined avenues, roads laid to perfection, aesthetic landscaping and buildings following structure codes to the rote; Coral Springs is a work of art and intelligence.

However, its only issue is that it is located in the low-lying area of the county that Hunt didn’t take into account when he laid that foundation! Its geographical location and low placement exposes Coral Springs to hurricanes, especially between June and November. This is when the city lives on the edge of destruction. But despite its downfalls, it continues to thrive in its elite status, scenic beauty and luxury real estate.

Then came Wilma:

It was all good and glorious for Coral Springs until Hurricane Wilma came knocking at its doors in 2005, taking everything with it by the time it left. The repercussion of this disastrous event was not just widespread devastation, but also a city plunged in darkness for weeks. Coral Springs lost connection to the outside world and most of the city’s buildings turned to debris. 

  • What we did?

After Wilma, Coral Springs was not the same again, at least not until Coral Springs Restoration Expert intervened. We began restoration work immediately and soon brought city back on its feet. We helped the residents restore and repair their damaged properties, brought businesses back to life, cleared the debris and fully extracted the stagnant water, sanitizing and deodorizing the property in the process. After we were done, Coral Springs was breathing life again.

The city is prepared – and so are we:

With every disaster on our heels, we learnt how powerless we are in the face of natural events. While there’s nothing we can do nothing to control the impact, the city did fortify our lives with formidable power grids, investing in forecasts that warn much before the event occurs, backup generators at gas stations and grocery stores. At Coral Springs Restoration Expert, we equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art technology and trained workmen who can spring into action when the situation demands. Preparing ourselves ahead of the disaster has allowed us to keep the spirit of Coral Springs alive.

Call us anytime, for anything:

Be it a flood or a fire, you just need to remember only one thing and that is our phone number - 954-355-0054. You can call us for:

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  • Water extraction and cleanup after flood or fire
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